Synonym for as per Agreement

When it comes to business agreements, it`s essential to use clear and concise language to avoid any misunderstandings or miscommunications. One common phrase used in agreements is „as per agreement,“ which indicates that both parties have come to an understanding and will adhere to the terms outlined in the document. However, using this phrase repeatedly can become tedious and repetitive. That`s where synonyms come in handy.

Here are some alternatives to „as per agreement“ that can be used interchangeably:

1. In accordance with the terms

2. Pursuant to the agreement

3. As agreed upon

4. In conformity with the agreement

5. In compliance with the agreement

6. In accord with the agreement

7. As specified in the agreement

8. In line with the agreement

9. In keeping with the agreement

10. According to the agreement

While all of these synonyms convey the same meaning as „as per agreement,“ some may be more appropriate in certain contexts. For instance, „in accordance with the terms“ might be more suitable in a legal agreement, whereas „as agreed upon“ might be better suited for a casual agreement.

Moreover, using synonyms not only ensures variety but can also enhance the readability and flow of your agreement. However, it`s vital to ensure that your word choices do not deviate from the original meaning of the agreement.

In conclusion, while „as per agreement“ is a useful phrase when drafting agreements, it`s essential to use synonyms to keep your language fresh and clear. So, experiment with different synonyms to find the best fit for your agreement, and ensure that you maintain the original meaning and context.

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